Pictures from Boyd's 14th Birthday Solo Bash!

We are behind the power curve getting ready for the Safari to Hobbs, NM. Boyd is practicing in the Discus and getting everything ready to depart on Monday the 23rd. I have a ton of pictures and video to go through and edit! We will add as we can! Updated: 5/20/2005 1440

His first solo in a 2-33, 7547 was the first un-assisted glider he landed many years ago!

A little cooling!

A big ship for a young man!

Each new ship had to have a briefing and a high flight. No one better to learn from then his big brother, Garret.

#10 Soloed!

A perfect landing, as usual, in the Stemme S10-VT

All the ship loaned to Boyd from the Private Owners, thank you all!

Can you hear the music from Top Gun?

A long line all waiting for the same pilot!