Boyd solo's 23 sailplanes on his 14th birthday!

1st solo was around 8:45 May 18th, 2005

By lunch, 8 gliders, including the Stemme!

The last flight finished with a few loops in BG (G-103) at 1735

23 solo flights with  3 hrs 49 minutes

2 dual flights 10 minutes

16 different models:

  • SGS 2-33  (5)

  • SGS 2-33A

  • SGS 1-26E (2)

  • SGS 1-36

  • SGS 2-32 (2)

  • GROB G-103A  (2)

  • GROB G-102


  • DG-303A

  • DG-303

  • LIBELLE 201B



  • LS-3

  • PEGASUS 101A

  • DG-800


If you Right Click HERE open in another window, this will open Pictures which I am updating as I can. As you can imagine we are exhausted, but getting ready for the Safari is first on the list. 

Honor Roll

The following gave Boyd the use of their sailplane for these record flights!! His landing were as good you can do, honestly every one was picture perfect!!

  • Jim Hicke          DG 303A
  • Scott Finkboner Pegasus 101A(Garret also soloed this one )
  • Chuck Deerinck DG800
  • Klaus Straschil  Libelle 201B
  • Matt Chang        Discus A (Will be used for the Cross Country)
  • Jim Blubaugh     DG 300
  • Mark Korvik      LS3
  • Garret Willat     Discus 2A

We Thank you and appreciate your support!!

5/11/05: Boyd and his instructor/big brother fly 300 k flight in preparation! Click here to see the flight on the online contest pages! 

5/12/05 Boyd flew with our FAA Designated Examiner, Polly Ridgway, in a simulated flight test which he would have easily passed his Private Glider rating, at least the flight portion! Polly says, "he is ready!"

5/16/05 3 perfect landings in the Stemme!

Boyd is flying daily flights.

Boyd on the Cross Country prep 5-11-05

For Immediate Release:

On May 18th, 2005 we will celebrate Boyd's 14th  Birthday in style! Boyd comes from a family that loves aviation. Mom and Dad operate Sky Sailing, Inc in Warner Springs California. Since 1959 Sky Sailing has been a leader in the sport of Soaring. They purchased Sky Sailing in 1979. Bret & Karen were married in a glider in 1980. They moved the entire airport in 1989 to Warner Springs from Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When their first son, Garret turned 14 he soloed in 18 different gliders on his birthday and within a week Garret had flown a single seat glider to New Mexico. Garret soloed all the tow planes and got his private glider rating on his 16th birthday. Commercial glider on his 18th. Garret is now a full time flight instructor at Sky Sailing while attending Embry Riddle. Garret is also on the US Junior Soaring team flying in England this year. Garret took 2nd in the Junior Nationals in Australia this year. Garret is a 3 time member of the US Junior Soaring team.

Boyd has always had a deep love for flying, at an age long before his big brother had an interest. Boyd asks daily, "may I fly today?" Since Boyd has the skills and desire to solo like his brother, Boyd plans to beat his big brother's record, by soloing at least 20 gliders.

Boyd will start in the morning by flying with his Dad on a dual flight. Then he will be signed off to solo. He will solo all the SGS 2-33 training gliders then start on moving up. Soloing a couple of 1-26 gliders. The another dual flight to make sure all is well, then solo a couple of the Grob G-103 gliders (with a loop tossed in) a G-102 and then both of the SGS 2-32 ships! A dual flight in the Stemme motorglider and then a solo (possibly the youngest to solo in the S10-VT in the world!). If he is still doing well, he will fly some gliders that belong to other people, such as his brothers Discus and other ships, see above. For more information on the Stemme Motorglider click here

Some may think of this as a Stunt, however Boyd comes from a flying family. Bret and Karen were married in a Sailplane. Bret has over 16,000 flight hours, recently getting his rating in a L-39 Czech Republic built Military jet. Karen is also a Commercial pilot who regularly gives glider rides and is a tow pilot when needed. This is a celebration of flight and will be stopped at any sign that safety is being compromised. Flying gliders is one of the safest modes of transportation. Boyd is a very good stick and anyone who knows him or has flown with him knows he is ready!


The week after his big day Garret and Boyd plan to team fly to Hobbs, NM which is home to the Soaring Society of America. It will take a few days of some hard long flying. Garret and his Dad Bret did this flight but only made it to Hatch NM when they ran into a dying Hurricane coming up from Texas. Current plan has Dad flying the towplane and Mom will fly the RV and trailer. Current target launch date is the 23rd of May. Boyd also hopes to accomplish some State Records as well as earn his Century I II & III, Silver C maybe his Gold and Diamond Goal. Following his brothers lead, Boyd will Soar into the future.

               The Willat Family                                                Boyd Top Gun!!


Boyds Story, by Boyd Willat

When my mom was in labor with me, my dad flew us to the hospital in the family station wagon, the Cessna 180.  Then two months later, I flew in Magic, the airshow glider, to Red Deer Canada for an airshow. This flight in the glider was almost 24 hours on tow!  When we flew to town in the C-180, I would sit on my dads lap and fly until I was 2. From then on I have flown from my own seat and have flown almost every flight since then.  Currently, I do all the flights in our powered planes and I usually do the radio into towered airports. I want to fly every day!!

My first Airshow performance was at 2 years old. My brother Garret towed my Dad's glider in front of the audience and I was tied to the glider on my toy plane! I was also a display item at the International Council of Airshows on my Johnny Airplane Bouncer (see picture)


Bouncing Baby Boyd          Flight to Canada at 2 months             Boyd the Elf @ 8

My first landing with no help was when I was eight years old with Dante in the back of an SGS 2-33.  I have about 60 logged flights with varies pilots.  As far as gliders go I have flown: SGS 2-33, 2-32, Grob 103, and a Stemme S10-VT. I will have over 100 logged flights by my birthday. 

            On my 14th birthday I hope to solo at least 20 different gliders this would beat the current record of 18 set by my brother, Garret.  This it to include all our 2-33s, both our 2-32s, both 1-26s, 1-36, G-102, both G-103s and even the Stemme!!!!  Also, if I fit in my bothers Discus 2a, I will solo it.  A week after my birthday I am going to fly a single seated glider and team fly with my bother to Hobbs NM. I hope to accomplish this in 5 days or less.

             If you would like to help in any way it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have a glider, would you consider letting me fly it on my 14th. I have arranged for non-owners insurance. The use of your glider in this historic event will be appreciated.       

Thank you,

Boyd Willat 

More Pictures!

Big Brother Garret teaching a tie                           Boyd's Big Bouncer

    OOPS  Football                                                  Death Valley with Mom and Dad

                               Fiji                                                            Flying without Wings

            Big Bike                                                    Little Bike

                                        Will fly anything!     Fly By Wire in New Zealand

    I can Fly One of two Bungee Jumps in New Zealand. They dipped him in the river below!!

                         Classified Mission! Super secret pilot in the L-39. Boyd did a great job of flying!

What is Boyd up to now: Well on his 18th Birthday Boyd earned his Commercial Glider and his Flight Instructor ratings and is now a full time instructor at Sky Sailing with his brother Garret.

In the summer of 2009 he came in 6th in the NATIONAL soaring contest in Montague in the standard class flying his own Discuss 2A (almost all the competitors have been flying contests longer then Boyd has been alive!). His older brother Garret came in 1st in the Open Class!!  Boyd hopes to become a member of the US Junior Soaring team next year.

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