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Handicapped Training

Sky Sailing is the leader in handicapped training. We have installed special factory manufactured hand controls into the pride of our fleet, "Sailplane Magic". We have trained many para's and incomplete quads to experience the magic and the joy of soaring.

The president of Sky Sailing, Inc.,  Bret Willat, has been an incomplete para since 1985. Since then he has shared his love of flight with many students who have soloed and worked to complete their private pilot license and some have gone on to get their commercial pilot rating, leaving their chair and cares on the ground.

A good source of information about para flying is the International Wheelchair Aviators. They can be reached c/o Bill Blackwood at 1117 Rising Hill Way, Escondido, Ca 92025 (760) 746-5018.

With the hand controls, you must be able to use both hands. Your right hand controls the stick which makes the sailplane's nose move up and down. The stick also controls the ailerons which make the ship roll (bank left or right). Your left hand operates the hand controls which make the rudder move left or right which is needed to make coordinated turns. Rudder controls yaw. The rudder also steers you on the ground. Also, the left hand must switch to the spoiler handle which controls the rate of descent and the wheel brake. Your right hand must be able to move forward and to the sides smoothly while the left hand needs to be able to switch controls and generally moves forward and aft. We have cuffs which may assist in griping the sticks for those with diminished hand strength. We are very proud of all our students and hope that we will see you here soon. This sport is a great equalizer and demands you to be your best.

Let your heart soar!

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Let Your Heart Soar