Stemme S10-VT

Welcome to our Stemme Page. Sky Sailing, Inc is proud to show you a few of our Stemme Pictures!

Rides in this incredible MotorGlider are available by appointment ONLY. Rides are $250 / person

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The Stemme S10-VT has up to a 50:1 glide ratio. That means that on a calm day from one mile up, you could glide 50 miles in any direction! Now that is real safety.

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With the prop turning, you could fly at 140 knots (162 mph) above 10,000' on about 5 gals per hour of fuel!

Very unique folding prop design! When you start the engine the prop opens by centrifugal force. When you shut down in flight, you can center the prop and close the dome from inside.

Soaring along Hot Springs Peak.

At NBAA Orlando (note right wing folded)

Inside TT (Tango Tango)

At John Wayne Airport with one wing folded and engine cowl open

No Engine & Climbing

tvcrew.jpg (27091 bytes)

TV crew for History Channel Tactical to Practical.

Torrey Pines and a Friend

Torrey Pines flying the ridge

Garret and Keith using O2 flying Wave

A view from Outside

Garret and Renee


joyce.jpg (42736 bytes)

Garret with Joyce (Stemme Student!)

hotsprings.jpg (81538 bytes)

Climbing by Hot Springs

The end of a great day soaring or cruising!!

final.jpg (17530 bytes)

On Final

Landing at Warner Springs

You can elect to land with or without power.

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