Rides and Rates

Flights for One Passenger

Flights Sailplane
Flight Approx. Length(in Minutes)* Trainer Hi-Performance**
Introductory Flight 20 20 $125 $145
Introductory Flight 30 30 $150 $170
Introductory Flight 40 40 $180 $200
Aerobatic flight 25 NA $180
Stemme MotorGlider
Stemme By appointment ONLY
35-45 NA $250

*Ride times vary based on weather conditions and the ride itself. Roller coaster style rides are going to be a bit shorter.

**High performance sailplanes are modern sailplanes, and they are not used as trainers.

Aerobatics are only allowed on the Aerobatic Ride, due to regulations.

The Introductory Flights: You will receive some ground instruction prior to the flight and during the flight you will get a chance to fly the sailplane. You may do as much, or as little, of the flying as you want. You will also receive a complementary logbook and a special discount on your next instructional flight. We also take a roll of pictures on every flight in the trainer and the rides for two. You will be given a SD card that contains your pictures and videos. We do our best to take pictures during the flight, however sometimes the camera's do not work properly.

Flights for Two Passengers

At Sky Sailing™, Inc., we have sailplanes that are equipped to seat three (one pilot and two passengers). With these sailplanes we offer three different rides. The ride for two sailplane will carry two average weight and size people.

New! now included Wing mounted camera for special, exciting photos of you soaring. We now include the pictures with all your Rides for Two at no extra charge. You will be given your exposed roll of film to have developed. There may be times when the camera fails, we do our best!

The No Name Mountain Flight ($160)

The "No Name Mountain Flight" goes to 3000 feet and lasts about 20 minutes. On this flight you'll see No Name Mountain and the surrounding valley. ($160 that is $80 per person)

The Hot Springs Peak Flight ($200)

The Hot Springs Peak Flight goes to 4000 feet and lasts approximately 25-30 minutes. You will go by Hot Springs Peak and enjoy a wonderful view of the entire valley. ($200 that is $100 per person)

Palomar Mountain Mile High Flight ($250)

The Palomar Mountain Flight tows a mile high (that's 5280 feet!). This ride takes you up by the Palomar Observatory into the mountain areas west of Warner Springs and lasts about 35-40 minutes. ($250 that is $125 per person)

Super Sensational Aerobatic Ride

The Super Spectacular Aerobatic Ride ($180)

The Super Spectacular Aerobatic Ride -- Not for the timid! You will be turned every way but loose. We do loops and rolls, turning your world upside down. Not recommended on your first experience in a glider. Kids -- do not do this at home! The flight lasts from 18-25 minutes. It includes the wearing, as required by law, of a parachute (not to be used since this is where we keep our laundry... just kidding!).

Motor Glider Flight

The Stemme S-10-VT Motor Glider is a 50:1 sailplane. The ride starts by climbing into the state of the Art Sailplane (current value approximate. $350,000) It has full set of instruments including 2 GPS and nav computers. It is side-by-side seating. Engine warm-up and launch is about 10 minutes. You fly under power to altitude then shut down, and soar! You Must make special reservations for the Stemme Flights.

Flight Tickets

Our Flight Tickets are similar to gift certificates they are available for any of our flights. They make very unique and exciting gifts. Purchase your Flight Tickets by phone by credit card (VISA, M/C or Discover) or by mail with a check or on-line (see below). We even accept cash!! Flight Tickets are valid for One Year, however after One year they are still good for the purchase price!

We can take your advance orders!    

All Rates are Current
All rides include your very experienced FAA Commercial Pilot.

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