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For thousands of years humanity dreamt of flying, looking to the skies to find an answer. History shows us the long road from those first dreams to the wonder that is modern flight. The first tested and perfected flights were made in crafts designed to glide on the air currents, like a bird. The exhilarating feeling, and amazing views offered by Soaring over the ground, are a wonder we can now appreciate.

As Southern California's Premier Sailplane destination, Sky Sailing offers rides of one or two passengers, instruction in the art of Soaring, and a place for the Glider community to meet and practice their sport. Soaring is the flight of a sailplane or glider, by using the energy produced by gliding along on the air-currents, much like a powered airplane. Learning to soar in a sailplane is the best way to begin to learn to fly.

In operation since 1959, Sky Sailing is a world leader in the Sport of Soaring. Having pilots that feature their skill in the Miramar Air show each year, as well as being the home to two National Champions. Garret and Boyd Willat have each claimed trophies in National competitions.

Located in beautiful Warner Springs, California, Sky Sailing rides offer beautiful views of the Palomar Observatory, Warner Springs Ranch, Lake Henshaw, and the desert flowers which bloom each spring near the edge of Borrego Springs.

A Great Gift Idea

A Sailplane Ride Flight Ticket, is a gift that will be remembered and enjoyed! Perfect for that "Hard to Please" friend or loved one, or the Boss! Last minute Gift? We can email or Fax the Flight Ticket!

Happy Holidays and New Year from all of us at Sky Sailing!

Come Soar with Southern California's Hawks and Eagles

Your adventure begins as you slip into the sleek sailplane for an experience you will remember forever. Play with the sun and the wind. Share a thermal with an eagle. Soar effortlessly in silent freedom.

Many of our flights have a wing mounted camera to capture your experience.

We welcome your interest in SKY SAILING, INC. at the Warner Springs Airport and in the world of soaring. Since 1959 we have been the world leaders in the sport of soaring and training.

We are one of the largest soaring centers in the U.S. We are very proud of our operation and strive to make your adventure not only memorable but the best in entertainment.

We hope you enjoy our friendly and easy going atmosphere.

General Soaring Information

The sport of soaring is flying in sailplanes. Sailplanes are often called gliders. Soaring is a thrilling yet peaceful sport which can involve the whole family. Soaring is a tremendous youth activity: it involves the youth in a sport which is both exciting and character building.

Soaring requires dedication to learning and advancing. It develops good attitudes and builds respect, which remains and applies to other areas (i.e. driving and a more positive attitude towards life). You can solo at age 14!

Soaring is freedom.

Soaring is fun, it is relaxing, safe, and reduces daily stress!


Sky Sailing, Inc at the Warner Springs Airport is midway between Palm Springs and San Diego, east of the Palomar Observatory. Enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Henshaw, the beautiful San Jose Valley and surrounding mountains, including Hot Springs Peak and the Palomar Mountains.

Learning to Fly

Learning to fly in sailplanes is by far the safest and best way to learn the basics of flight. Even the U.S. Air Force Academy does its primary instruction in sailplanes. Our great year round weather is particularly well suited for student instruction. Soar over one of the most beautiful recreational areas in the world.

Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets are similar to Gift certificates and are available for any of our flights. They make very unique and exciting gifts. Purchase your Flight Ticket by phone by credit card (VISA, MC, AE or Discover) or by mail in check or our Online Store. We even accept cash!!


Reservations are required for all weekday flights. On weekends we have extra pilots on hand so reservations are not required, however they are appreciated for staff planning purposes.


Open 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to sunset for your convenience. (After 5:00 p.m. by appointment only).

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