Easy Canopy Covers

World's Best Sailplane Canopy Cover/Cap

"Stay in the shade while on the Grid."

Protect you, your interior, your canopy and stay cooler.

EASY to put on, EASY to remove (even while in your ship).

The Platinum Series Canopy Cap is designed to be a light weight, compact reflective shade cover for use when rigging and while waiting on the grid. A strapless design allows easy access to the cockpit during assembly and your cockpit always stays shaded and cooler.

When you are ready for launch, slip the cover off and stow it in the included storage bag, in the cockpit while you fly. It is not meant for extended use outdoors or while trailering as it won’t allow the canopy to be locked when it is on the glider. It will keep dust off in the trailer, but not while trailering.

You no longer have a need for that umbrella that blows away in the wind!

See 'em in action!

How to use the Platinum Series Canopy Cap:

1.Find the care label near the center seam. This is the front of the canopy cover.

2.Place the rear of the cover over the back of your raised canopy and hook the elastic around both rear corners.

3.Pull the cover forward and hook the elastic around the front of the canopy and at both front corners.

4.Straighten the center seam to align down the middle of the canopy and adjust any wrinkles along the sides until smooth.

5.You can now raise and lower your canopy at will during set up and while on the grid. There are no inconvenient straps to get in the way!

Stemme S10 Canopy Cap with Straps, an Easy Canopy Covers exclusive!

Sleek Smooth and Great fit.

Covers the entire canopy and reflects sun light.

Added strap to hold the canopy down, clips inside the gear door, fully adjustable.

We all know about the sun acting like a Magnifying glass and burning your instrument panel, well NO MORE!

Yes leave it on when you get in and getting started. (No, you cannot taxi with the cover on!!)
  • Antares (Sun Shield option available)
  • Apis, Silent
  • ASH 25 (two piece set - Sun Shield option available)
  • ASH 26, ASH31 (Sun Shield option available)
  • ASW 15
  • ASW 19, 20, Pegase (Sun Shield option available)
  • ASW 22 (Sun Shield option available)
  • ASW 24, 27, 28, ASG 29 (Sun Shield option available)
  • Concordia! (Sun Shield option available)
  • DG 202, 300, 400, 600, 800 (Sun Shield option available)
  • Diana, Diana 2
  • Genesis 2
  • HPH 304, Mosquito (Sun Shield option available)
  • HPH 304S Shark (Sun Shield option available)
  • JS1 Revelation (Sun Shield option available)
  • LAK-17 (Sun Shield option available)
  • LS 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 (Sun Shield option available)
  • Schempp Hirth A - including Discus A, Discus 2A, Ventus A, Ventus 2A
  • Schempp Hirth B - including Discus, Discus 2, Ventus, Ventus 2, Nimbus 2, 3
  • PIK 20, Mini Nimbus, Standard Cirrus
  • Stemme S10, v, vt
  • SZD 55 (Sun Shield option available)
Coming Soon
  • Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 4, Quintus, Duo Discus Nimbus 3D, 4D, Duo Discus XL
  • Arcus
  • Grob 103 Twin I, II, 102 Astir, 102 Club
  • Duck Hawk
  • ASK 21, 23
  • DG1000
  • SGS 1-26

Platinum Series Canopy Caps Pricing:

Single Seat Ship - $115 or $135 with Sun Shield
Stemme With Sun Shield only - $300

For More information contact Boyd Willat at: 619.987.2281

Easy Canopy Covers is a part of Sky Sailing™, Inc.

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