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The difference between the Regular Intro and the Hi-performance Intro is the aircraft. The regular into is done in one of the same sailplane you would use if you would use if you were to take lessons. Max weight in the trainer is 240 lbs. The hi-performance sailplane is a much sleeker looking sailplane, but it is harder to fly for the beginner. 

On the Ride For Two's, the pilot sits in the front and the passengers sit in back (their controls are removed, so if you want to do hands on flying,  you need to take one of the Intro Flights). The sailplane fits two average size/weights passengers. Remember that some size/ weight combinations may not fit, even if we use a large shoehorn and grease!  Ride times and tow altitudes are approximate depending on weather and your ride. Roller coaster rides come down faster. Please check our Web Site for more Information on rides.

Flight Tickets are valid for One Year. They are transferable, and you can always upgrade!

VitaMotion-S™ for California Orders will have TAX 7.75% added, unless for resale. Must have resale card on file. 

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Notes on FLIGHT TICKETS: Flight tickets are sent by MAIL by the next business day. They include directions, with the Who to and From left blank. If you want the flight ticket e-mailed or faxed (original also sent by mail) please let us know in comments at sign out. Also any special instructions in comments! You can also call between 9 and 5 to make sure. 
Rides For TWO Passengers  No Tax or Shipping
 $ 200.00 No Name Mountain Flight for Two
Cat. No. RF220
 $ 240.00 Hot Springs Flight for Two
Cat. No. RF230
 $ 290.00 Palomar Mountain Mile High for Two
Cat. No. RF240
Rides For ONE Passenger - Trainer No Tax or Shipping
 $ 145.00 Introductory Flight for One 20 min
Cat. No. I20
 $ 175.00 Introductory Flight for One 30 min
Cat. No. I30
 $ 210.00 Introductory Flight for One 40 min
Cat. No. I40
Rides For ONE Passenger - Hi-Performance No Tax or Shipping
 $ 165.00 Hi-Performance Intro for One 20 min
Cat. No. HP20
 $ 200.00 Hi-Performance Intro for One 30 min
Cat. No. HP30
 $ 235.00 Hi-Performance Intro for One 40 min
Cat. No. HP40
AEROBATIC Ride for One  No Tax or Shipping
 $ 250.00 Super Spectacular Aerobatic Flight
Cat. No. ACRO
 Packages NO LONGER AVAILABLE  No Tax or Shipping
 $ 290.00 WSR Package with Ride for Two NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Cat. No. WSR1
 $ 380.00 Deluxe WSR Package with Ride for Two NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Cat. No. WSR2
Books Taxable in California + Shipping charges
 $ 26.50 Joy of Soaring Book by Carl Conway (tax & shipping included)
Cat. No. JOS
 $ 129.00 Flight Training Manual for Glider 2 book set (Shipping of $10.00 and CA tax will be added)
Cat. No. FTM
VitaMotion-S™  Taxable + Shipping charges
 $ 19.95 VitaMotion-S 1 Tube Shipping for 1 tube is $2. Shipping and CA tax will be added
Cat. No. VTM1
 $ 19.95 VitaMotion-S 2-4 Tubes Shipping is free. CA tax will be added
Cat. No. VTM2
 $ 17.95 VitaMotion-S 5-11 Tubes (Save 10%) Shipping is free. CA tax will be added
Cat. No. VTM3
 $ 191.50 VitaMotion-S 12 box (Save 20%) Shipping is free. CA tax will be added
Cat. No. VTM4
Sky Sailing T-Shirts  Taxable + Shipping charges
 $ 15.00 Sky Sailing T-Shirt with Pocket (Shipping of $5.50 and CA tax will be added) (In Comments please specify size)
Cat. No. TP
 $ 15.00 Sky Sailing T-Shirt (Shipping of $5.50 and CA tax will be added) (In Comments please specify size)
Cat. No. TNP
 $ 12.00 Sky Sailing Tank Top (Shipping of $5.50 and CA tax will be added) (In Comments please specify size)
Cat. No. TT
 $ 19.95 Sky Sailing Long Sleve T-Shirt (Shipping of $5.50 and CA tax will be added) (In Comments please specify size)
Cat. No. TLS
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